The Bicycle Adventure

bicycleSo, back to 12 pounds in 28 days. I’ve shed 5 and I have 19 days to go. I’m definitely on track!

Getting through New Years without totally inhaling the most delectable foods available to mankind was an act of self control I’ll never be able to muster together again! It was will power at it’s best. I’m in awe of myself. Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the drift. I did good.

I’m getting a little bored with the walking thing, so yesterday was the day to break out the bike and hit the road! I went full throttle, took the long way around the island, tackled the roller coaster hills like a professional. Did 11 miles on shaky sore legs, soon barely able to make contact with the seat of my bike, so tender was my…..anyway. I drenched my shirt and my head was shriveling under my helmet, the body heat from my intense workout melting the extra pounds right off of em as I tore up the road.

Back at the house, I did crunchies and crunchies and crunchies! What I didn’t do though, was stretch. Today is a quiet day at home. I can move, but just enough to get to the bathroom or the kitchen or my computer.  Soon as I think I can get up from the floor if I get down on it, I’ll stretch for a while. Maybe I’ll look for that lost earring I’ve been meaning to find before I vacuum and it’s gone for good. Also, the dogs like it when you get down on the floor and play with them. I could do that.

Well, I guess I’ll never write a fitness book entitled “Do it MY Way!” Anyway, for anyone who’s trying to shed a few pounds with me in the next 19 days, good job and keep going!


Mary Ann

6 thoughts on “The Bicycle Adventure

  1. yay, mary ann!! you go girl! i have to admit i might be more inspired to join you in the battle of the bulge if i had a trip to mexico to inspire me. but as it is, i will be cheering you on from my couch!! keep up the good work!

  2. Good for you!! I’m proud of you. I know you can do it. Keep gulping down the water to get the lactic acid out of your legs and yeah, stretching will help tons as well.
    Well keep up the good work! I hope these are words of encouragement to ya.
    -Your favorite son.

  3. Love the site and your blog. You have inspired me to get back in shape (for the 30th time). One question though, why does one cookie worth 150 calories make us gain weight when it then takes 16,328 calories to lose weight? Sometimes life is not fair! Looking forward to news about the books!

  4. Hey Mahn!Maan! however we spell your name?!
    I heard a fitness guy on radio yesterday say to warm up a little before exercise with movement but not stretching. Then stretch after work out.
    I have always struggled with stretching and warming up cause I hurt myself stretching. So, fitness guy says jumping jacks, squats, moving muscles a bit before the exercise like biking, weight lifting, running,…then stretch after exercise when warm.
    And lots water like Nick said!

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