Another Windy Day

Where are we going?

We’ve been having more than our usual share of wind lately. It’s unsettling.  It swoops in and stirs everything up, ripping petals off tulips and branches from the trees. What a mess to clean up these days.

It’s one thing to have to rake and bag the sorry remains of a stormy night, but how to deal with the winds of emotion is another thing. The mighty breeze seams to stir up the mind as if the havoc it causes outside happens on the inside too. The trash cans blow over and the lids roll down the street like beheaded chickens. We run after them, picking everything up and putting it all back in place just as we’re always struggling to do with our lives. Put everything back in place, where it belongs.

I feel the battle to hang on to our country as the United States of America according to The Constitution is raging. We have leadership that refuses to listen to the people it has been elected to listen to. We have a politically correct system that is so terrified of offending Islam that it slams Christianity and the Jews. What happened to us?

I’m wondering these days, why we all sit back and accept the prices at the pump. Why do we allow the far left environmentalist to delegate where we can drill for oil. Why haven’t we, as a country, built more refineries? Why don’t we want to be strong and independent? We have become, I’m afraid, a nation of wimps.

Unfortunately, this isn’t just going to all blow over. We’re going to have to act with hurricane force and do something about it or lose our nation to the special interest bleeding heart mafia. We, the middle class, just-want-to-hang-out-in-our-comfort-zone, people, are going to have to stand up and be heard. Our voice will need to be the wind that bellows over the country and refuses to settle down until it’s not only heard, but acknowledged as we the people.

I’m a political couch potato finally waking up to acknowledge our nation is in trouble and heading in a dangerous direction. If I can see this,  everyone can. Time to get off the couch fellow potatoes. We can no longer live trusting others to speak for us.  If we want to be heard, we need to act.  Inhale deeply, stand on the mountain top, and exhale a wind that will turn heads around, having them looking back to the way we used to be. To the nation we must once again become.


Mary Ann

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  1. Press on you political couch potato…press on. I woke up in 2008 and my life has been changed. Gone are the days of blind trust and plodding along. It’s time to get active. Press on…

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