At eighty-seven years of age, Adeline returns to her life long sanctuary; the family cabin perched on the shore of a wilderness mountain lake.

Memories engulf her as she revisits all that shaped the lives of her children, her husband, and herself. Most are of happy times, full of laughter, sunshine, and warm summer nights. Yet that one fateful day, the one that changed everything, still weighs heavy on her heart.

Walk with Addie through natures beauty as she struggles to find peace, and as the true strength and beauty of her heart is revealed.

A Novella, at only one hundred and eleven pages, Adeline wastes no words in telling a beautiful and heart-wrenching story.

Enjoy my favorite book!

14 thoughts on “Adeline

  1. Mary Ann,
    It’s the bridge over the channel at Twin Lakes Idaho. where we spent so many summers as a family . The sight of it on the cover filled my memory with nostalgist moments ,of remembering the times we filled our lives with love and understanding , and with adventure of learning about the lake and the beautiful mountains around it.
    It was a time of mother nature at it’s best. Of sights and sounds that most people in this world would never enjoy.
    We were a lucky family.
    God loves you Mary Ann . He gave you a special talent and you will bring joy to many . With Love Dad

  2. Hi Mary Ann,

    Just read Adeline….Loved it! An easy read, pages flowed one after the other. I could easily picture the woods, the cabin, the lake, felt like I was taking a hike w/Adeline. I’m proud of Adeline for wanting to have one last adventure, good for her.
    I liked how you posed questions throughout her story….is life meant to be difficult or is it us who makes it that way? When did we stop living, stop being adventurous?
    I like how you wrapped up her life simply through her hands, her hard working hands, her applauding hands, her gentle hands, she lived a great life.
    pg 96,Two of the fingers were decorated with rings, a wedding ring and a mother’s ring, a sign to the world that these hands belonged to a woman who has been loved with the passion of a man’s heart and with the sweet innocence of a child’s.
    Excellent book Mary Ann….I look forward to the release of your second novel.

  3. Mary Ann–I just finished Adeline. It was a wonderfully descriptive book. The part that most struck a cord with me was when she was describing her hands, which could be any womans. I look forward to reading more of your creations. Congratulations–Sheri

  4. What a beautiful story, my time with Adeline was calm, peaceful and full of grace. Mary Ann your words transported me under the willow trees in the canal, to the porch and along the old road, thank you. Each time I left Adeline I kept her in my thoughts and could not wait to visit with her again.

  5. Loved the book, Mary Ann!
    What a wonderful read!!! I think this should be made into a movie!!
    Very nice!

  6. Mary Ann
    I also loved this book. I wish you had a series of books with great
    stories like this. I was drawn in and felt like I was walking right
    beside her all the way. The descriptions and detail created such
    a visual picture and the feeling of being there with the smell of the
    lake air, the sounds of the forest. I laughed and cried and think I
    have a better understanding of the wishes of others.
    Thank You

  7. I just loved your book Adeline. It took me back to my youth growing up in the country. Mary Ann describes so beautifully the sounds, scents and smells of the cabin on the lake that she knows very well. Her description of the stars reminds me of sleeping in my bedroll and wondering the extent of the universe. This is a book you will want to read again and it is one you will want to give as a present to family and friends. Thank you Mary Ann, I can’t wait until you next book. Dave

  8. Dear Mary Ann,

    I didn’t get to read your first novel, which Ann, my daughter gave me until the other day…….. I had left it at my Son’s house for a few weeks. I just finished reading it….what a story….I loved it for it’s realism, truth, memories and love…Adeline is now in my memory…….. I have shared it with many of my sisters.

    Madeleine Chance

  9. Mary Ann,
    I loved the book! It is so well written, I could clearly picture Adeline on her adventures, almost as if she was talking directly to me. This was the best book I have read in quite awhile! Can’t wait for another book to be published

  10. MaryAnn,
    I read Adeline yesterday, straight through, finishing about 9:00pm.
    I really enjoyed it and the experience was very moving.
    I plan to read it again in the next couple days.
    Great job! I look forward to your next book.

    Dave Pfost

  11. Loved the story, MaryAnn! I shared it with my own mother, who is 85 and lives on a lake. I just made her promise that she wouldn’t take any long walks when she finishes your wonderful book. You have a great talent to describe so well we can hear and smell while reading.

  12. What an amazing gift you have written MaryAnn!
    I felt a part of this book…as if taking the journey with Adeline.
    Thank you for sharing this story and I so look forward to your next gift.

  13. Mary Ann,

    Last Summer while on Vacation at Twin Lakes we saw your brother Bill reading your book- he told us what your website was and we wrote it on our family cabin journal. Since then several of us have read the book and LOVE it! I have to say that after my eighth summer here with our kids I can relate to so many things that Adeline says.
    Can’t wait to read your next book!

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