A Friend Like Frank


Everyone needs a friend like Frank, as Stephanie Sinclair discovers in this mainstream romantic comedy about two people who meet under the most unlikely of circumstances.

Frank has a past he’s even changed his name to avoid, and Stephanie has developed a bad habit that could land her in trouble with the law as well as alienate her from her long time circle of friends.

“A Friend Like Frank,” is a lively read you will not want to put down!

Both “A Friend Like Frank” and the sequel, “The Trouble with Tony” are available through Amazon in either e-book and/or paperback form!

I truly hope you enjoy these funny heartwarming novels!

Happy Reading!


2 thoughts on “A Friend Like Frank

  1. Hi Maryann,
    It was so nice to meet you last Saturday and the Women’s Fair. I was totally drawn to your energy.

    I just finished your book and I really enjoyed it. Your descriptions are so good that I felt like I could “see” everything you wrote about.

    I would look forward to working with you if you are still interested.
    Call me at 425-231-1123 to set up an appointment.

    Your book gave me a wonderful sense of peace. Thanks for writing it. I will pass it on.

    Blessings and love, Nanci Drew

  2. Mary Ann,
    I met you at Beer Brats and Biz and chatted with you a while. I’ve just purchased A Friend Like Frank thru Amazon and was hoping to also purchase Adeline (I didn’t have money with me when we last met) but it does not show on my search.

    Also – Oprah is re-opening her “Book Club”. I just heard that on Good Morning America this morning and thought of you as we’d discussed that – amongst other ways to get your book out. Just thought I’d share that info in case you hadn’t heard.
    I can’t wait to read your stories.

    Best of luck to you….

    Camano Island, WA

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