At eighty seven years of age, Adeline tells the story of her life long spiritual journey, a story that must be told before leaving this world for the next. “Adeline” is an old woman’s reminiscence of love; for mother nature, her family, and for God. It is a story of strength and beauty in an old woman’s’ heart.

“Adeline”, published by Tate Publishing Enterprises, is now available in major book stores, on, and on my web site,

“A Friend Like Frank”

Everyone needs a friend like Frank, as Stephanie Sinclair discovers in this mainstream woman’s novel about two people who meet under the most uncomfortable of circumstances.  Frank has a past he’s even changed his name to avoid and Stephanie has developed a bad habit that could land her in trouble with the law as well as alienate her from a long time circle of friends.

“A Friend Like Frank” is a mainstream romantic comedy. It is available in paperback form and as an e-book through, through local independent book stores, or better yet, through my web site at where I pay the tax and shipping is free!.


“The Trouble with Tony”

A mainstream women’s romantic comedy, The Trouble With Tony, propels the reader into the crazy life of a just-barely-legitimate,  yet somehow lovable Private Investigator, Tony Russo.

Tag along with Tony while he uncovers the truth behind an “accident” resulting in the death of a woman whose husband has spent his life stalking another woman; his long ago high school crush, Vicki Wellington.

Harold Lawson will stop at nothing now that the path has been cleared for his new life, the life of his dreams, to begin with the women he believes was always meant to be his.

The Trouble With Tony is Volume 2 of The Mischief Chronicles, following A Friend Like Frank.

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