Watch-Doggin the Holiday Bubble!

Ever notice the words that come out of our mouths during the stress of the holiday season? Oh, it can be pretty ugly at times and can ruin events that were meant to become wonderful family memories.  New Years comes and we vow to do better next year, but that does nothing to mend the damage already done! So, what’s a person to do when faced with disapproving in-laws, frowning uncles, whispering aunties and screaming nieces and nephews? Here is an easy little exercise many people have used over the years, including myself, to prepare themselves for both the good and the bad of the holiday season.  Let’s use Christmas day as an example. 1) Make a list of everyone you will be spending time with Christmas day. 2) Next to each name write what you like the best about that person, even if it’s the fact that they almost never show up! 3) Look at the name or names of the people you don’t enjoy and write down specifically what it is that bothers you. How have they offended you? What have they said or done in the past to cause such negativity in you? 4) Read the list…

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