Wings of the Seasons

Fall is here. I can hardly believe it. There is a hint of cool air behind every warm moment.  I sat outside for a while, eating my lunch today. As I faced the sun, tiny beads of perspiration gathering at my hairline, yet a chill ran down my spine.  It’s was still summer to the side of me facing the warm rays of our friendly fire-ball, but it was definitely a different season to the side facing the shade.

As much as I love fall, I hate to see summer go. We have such a short warm weather season, there never seams to be enough of it. But fall shows up, ready or not, with crisp chilly nights and surprisingly cool mornings. Time to dig out those sweaters and sweat pants. They say we’re in for a cold one!

Fall comes to us in shadows, here in the Pacific Northwest. We’re noticing shaded areas on the mountains looming over Puget Sound where only weeks ago the sun was melting the remains of last winters snow. It won’t be long before a fresh new dusting appears. I’ve noticed the spiders are taking up residence inside now. They always surprise me, the way they move indoors and claim space.

Has anyone noticed the year? My gosh, it’s 2010! Next on the agenda – the winter of 2010/2011!  How is it that time has taken on such mighty wings? The seasons seam to instantly appear, then vanish in a blink.  One right after another. Funny how it never moved fast enough when we were kids. Now, I’d give anything to have it just slow on down. Take a deep breath, time. Don’t be in such a hurry to kick out one season and usher in the next. Not all of us are in such a mighty hurry.

As much as I try, I cannot ignore how the leaves are starting to turn and the summer flowers have all died away.  I had to cut back all the dead daisy’s the other day, surprised it was that time already.

The good thing about fall is it’s astounding beauty. The other is sweaters and boots. Think I’ll go clean out the closet. Start packing some of the summer stuff downstairs and move a few of my fall favorites up. Maybe the wings of the seasons will take a break and let us soar for a while. Ease in to it a bit. Maybe Mother Nature will take a nap and just let things be for a few more weeks. One can only hope!


Mary Ann

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  1. It’s still Summer in Texas…103*…sat out by my pool, read, swam, read some more…life is slower in Texas. My flowers are still blooming..still have bees though, the bee sting swelling is now settled in my belly. Ann

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