Who’s Business is it Anyway?

Just drying out in the sun, minding my own business!
Just drying out in the sun, minding my own business!

When it comes right down to it, the only business we should be in is our own. Every time we decide to get into someone else’s business, we create a problem, more for ourselves than for anyone else. Why do we do that? It serves no purpose but to frustrate both parties.

The way I see it is there are three kinds of business in the world; my business, God’s business, and everyone else’s business. Problems and frustrations arise when we intrude where we don’t belong.

If you don’t agree with me, try it out. For example, I made it my business to insist on greeting my neighbor even though he has never wanted any kind of a greeting from me. When I finally realized I was intruding in his business, the business of keeping quietly to oneself, I quit and was left without the disappointment of believing I have an unfriendly neighbor, without the perceived insult of being snubbed, without any anxiety over my not being able to win him over to the friendly side of life. I am actually happy to see him now and make no attempt to greet him. He is visibly more relaxed and spends more time enjoying the outdoors now that he is being left alone.

Why did I ever think it was my business to make him a friendlier more outgoing person than he is? Why did I ever care what he thought of me? It’s none of my business!

Have you ever tried to meddle in God’s business? Of course you have. I do it all the time. “Hey there God, I’m having a good day and I thank you for it, but I still don’t have total peace about my kids. You say to ask and we shall receive, so I’m asking and I’ve been asking, so how many more times do I have to ask and how long do I have to wait?”

Actually, it’s none of my business. God will do what God will do in His time because His time is perfect and He knows better than us. When I learn to ask, trust, and then leave it be, I find peace. If it’s God’s will, it will be done. If it never gets done, it either wasn’t the best plan or it was too soon. Some things happen for the best when we’re no longer on earth nagging about it and in the perfect time for all things to happen.

The baby isn’t sleeping and it’s “nap time.” I can become concerned by this because after all, it’s almighty nap time, or I can get him up and we can go for a walk. It’s really not any of my business if he chooses nap time to babble and play in his crib or go to sleep. Apparently it’s not mandated by reality that he sleep during nap time. Sometimes resting is just as good. My job was to put him down at the scheduled time with a full tummy, a blanket, and stuffed animals. The rest is none of my business.

A friend complains that a man she dates doesn’t take time to stop and smell the roses. How, I wonder, is this any of her business? If he is happy hurrying his way through life, that’s his business. If she doesn’t like it, she shouldn’t date him.

It’s rainy today and I’m asking God if He’s crazy. I mean He knows we need sunshine especially after a long gray winter. “Are you crazy God, giving us this kind of a day? I say it’s my business to tell you you’re on the wrong track. You should be showering us with sun not rain.” God is telling me to mind my own business. The sun will come when it’s time for the sun to come out.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and it gives you something to think about. But in reality, how you feel about it is really none of my business.


Mary Ann

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