Who Are We?


We are a people of free will. We own it. There is an evident problem in our world today in that free will has wandered down the low road. How it ever became unattractive to follow the high road, I will never know. Yet, increasingly, the dark side of human nature is being revealed in all it’s ugliness.

We are all responsible for this happening. Not everything is Okay, contrary to popular belief. Not everything is acceptable. Not everything should be tolerated.  We have forgotten how to tell the truth, how to love and forgive and cherish. It breaks my heart that Las Vegas had to happen as yet another wake up call. Put down the cell phone, turn off the TV, go outside and take a deep breath. As see. See those around us that are hurting, that need a friend, need someone to talk to and to care about them. If we extend ourselves even a bit outside the comfort zone, we can turn the tide. But it will take all of us and a lot of time.

Let’s put that free will to good use.



1 thought on “Who Are We?

  1. Well said. We just have to make up our minds and do something. If you don’t know what to do, look and you will find something. I can use a deep breath. Thanks, Mary Ann.

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