When Things Get Tough…

Just about the time we’re ready to throw in the towel, when everything gets to be too much, when one more piece of bad news will break the camels back, more bad news shows up wearing a smile. A sinister smile, yet none the less, an actual smile.

So smile back. And don’t make it sinister; make it real. Smile because no matter what comes our way, we have a mighty powerful God who is in control of everything, absolutely everything, and He knows what He’s doing.  We have the privilege to speak with Him at any time and under any and all circumstances.

So talk. He wants to answer our prayers yet we cannot forget to ask for His help. “Ask and You Shall Receive.”

So ask. Ask over and over and over again and just see what happens! Expect miracles everyday. They happen all the time all around us without our being aware, yet occasionally, when we’re really paying attention, we know. And then we smile from the deepest part of our hearts and know He is here, with us every step of the way.

Have a great day!


Mary Ann

1 thought on “When Things Get Tough…

  1. So true. We’re asking for little miracles everyday. Its funny because when they happen, we go “oh, wow, hey God answered our prayers! Look!”
    I love the surprise miracles. The little things that He slips in almost without you knowing.

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