When I Get Old…


I can’t even imagine the number of times I’ve said “when I get old,” followed by a wild variety of things I will and will not do.

When I get old, I will be in excellent physical shape, running and riding my bike every day. I will go to yoga and meditate and take great care of my body. By the time I am old, I will surely know everything there is to know about nutrition. I will embrace this knowledge, never straying from what I know to be best for my aging yet healthy, fit-and-trim, self. I will thrive on fresh vegetables and fruit and healthy grains, nuts and seeds. And I’ll only drink purified water and drinks that are 100% natural and full of vitamins. I will give up all drinks containing caffeine and/or alcohol.

My mind will have spent many years growing sharper everyday and I will be more intelligent than I ever dreamed of. I will master the mysteries of mathematics and science that have been too difficult for me until arriving at Old. My brain will be brilliant, having spent a life time in training. When I arrive at Old, my mind will see things and know things unimaginable and life will be beyond limits. Nothing will stand in the way of my fit and brilliant self.

When I get old I will drive so well, I will become a race car driver. All the years of experience and practice will lead me to be a natural. And I will become a Nascar celebrity. Then I will write and produce a film more resplendent than anything the human eye has ever witnessed in the entire history of film making.  And I will write the sound track myself. It will become a world phenomenon, music that will set soar every heart in the world, bringing an end to war and poverty forever.

The closer I get to Old, the more excited I get.


Mary Ann

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