Tis The Season…

Tis the season to reconsider all that counts – as in those extra holiday pounds. Do they count? Absolutely not! Nor does the annoying relatives nasty remarks, a croaky voice singing out of tune, exhausted kids throwing temper tantrums, dogs barking – none of it counts!

You see, tis the season to overlook it all, with an understanding that supersedes every possible negative to come.Gear up! You know what’s coming, we’ve all been through it a million times!

Family and friends will trudge through recently shampooed carpets with mud on their shoes, kids will eat cookies leaving trails of crumbs, candles drip wax and ruin table tops, pies are yanked from the oven with burned crusts, the garbage disposal clogs, the sink over-flows. It’s the freaking glory days! Embrace them for all they’re worth, which is all we’ve got and all that counts, and have yourself a Merry Little Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Mary Ann










1 thought on “Tis The Season…

  1. So true and so well said, Mary Ann!! After reading your -nod to the ’nog- I will be relaxing more and enjoying these Holidays-even more! Tr-la-la—la-la—la-la-la-La!!!

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