Those Victoria’s Secret Girls Got Nothing On Me!

Yes! I am one pound lighter today! I’m smiling all the way to the fruit bowl! Soon, I will be just like those girls in the Victoria’s Secret catalogs that keep showing up in my mail.  The only difference will be that I’m 35 years older and my legs don’t grow out of my neck.  Those are the ONLY differences. Well, and the hair of course. I mean my hair isn’t quite as long and luxurious as those girls. And my boobs aren’t quite as perky and my bottom has a little bit of cottage cheese on it. But the skin tag on my under arm never actually shows and my bunions feel a lot better in the warmth, so I won’t be walking funny in Mexico.

There. That’s the ONLY difference between me and those Victoria’s Secret catalog girls.

I had coffee and my protein/superfood shake for breakfast. An orange for a snack and a crab salad for late afternoon whatever it was. I walked three miles with my lovely dogs, Maggie and Rita and did two hundred (I’M NOT LYING) crunchies. Underneath this big ol layer of flab is a six pack just waiting to get out!

I’m heading downstairs to do dishes, laundry and work out on the bowflex.

Thanks for all your encouragement! Who’s doing this stuff with me? Am I all alone in my quest to lose 12 pounds in 28 days? Doesn’t anyone want to try losing, say, 5 pounds in twenty days? Join me!

Mary Ann

4 thoughts on “Those Victoria’s Secret Girls Got Nothing On Me!

  1. skin tages….whatever…I got my first one a few years back, conveniently located where my bra strap would be…now they are popping up on my nect…WHATEVER…I have to google what causes skin tags..did you do your crunches today?

  2. I discovered your site when I was looking for something entirely different, but this post showed up at the top of Yahoo your website must be amazingly popular! Continue the good work!

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