There’s an App for That

Did you know there’s an app available for the sole purpose of finding out what apps are available? There is! And where would we be without it?

I start my day with an app: the weather app to be exact. Once I’ve determined what the day is looking like, I can get dressed accordingly, then check my tide table app to see if we’ll be taking our morning walk on the beach or on the road. If it’s on the beach and the tide is low, I’ll check my app from the department of fisheries to see if clamming is open. If it is, I’ll get a bucket of clams and make chowder by resourcing a recipe from one of many cooking apps.

I’ll spend the middle of the day writing, accessing a plethora of apps designed to blast through any degree of writers block. For example, if I’m writing poetry (which I never do) I can go to Poetreat for help with rhymes. I use my dictionary app continually, mainly because I’m such a bad speller, and I definitely need my notebook app to log ideas and organize thoughts. I’ll forget a thought in seconds if it’s not written down.

Later in the day, I may need to run to the grocery store so I’ll access my speed trap app thereby avoiding a ticket as my foot tends to be a bit heavy these days. And while I’m shopping I’ll access my diet app to be sure I’m not throwing anything in to the basket that shouldn’t be there, and then quickly check my banking-in- a- second app for available funds. I never balance my check book, so who knows?

And at the end of the day, as I crawl in to bed, I have no concerns of being plagued with the persistent insomnia in my past. All I need to do is access my deep sleep/meditation app and I’ll see you, refreshed, early in the morning.


Mary Ann

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