The Waiting Game

Waiting for the Moon Rise
Waiting for the Moon Rise

Life is a waiting game. We are consistently waiting on one thing or another. Like right now, we’re waiting on the birth of our second grandchild. We’re keeping the cell phone handy, waiting to jump in the car and go, waiting to see what he looks like and hold him for the first time.

When I take a good look at life, I realize we’ve been doing nothing but waiting forever. Remember when we had tiny babies of our own, and couldn’t wait for the time when we’d be sleeping through the night again? And how it was waiting for toddlers to learn to use the potty chair and tie their own shoes and grow up to become independent adults. And how about waiting for teenagers to come home on weekend nights with the car and themselves in one piece? Wait, wait, wait. It’s enough to wear a person out.

And lets talk about spouses. How many of us women are still waiting for him to take out the trash without being asked or to drive without tailgating? And how many men are waiting for her to realize it’s not the jeans that make her look fat, so quit asking.

And what about that proverbial ship that’s supposed to “come in” before we’re too old to enjoy it? Where the heck is it? And don’t say yours came in but it was empty. No one gets an empty ship…we all get a ship with our name on it and good stuff will be on-board. We just need to be a little patient, and…wait.

So, here I am, blogging away, waiting to be discovered as the great author no one knows I am. Waiting for Random House to call me on the phone and beg to be my publisher. Waiting, waiting, waiting.


Mary Ann

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