The Thing About Fall

It’s beautiful this time of year. The changing colors of the leaves, the wind whistling through the forest and the house, and the temperature dropping into the wool sweater zone. Everything changes so drastically in the fall, so obviously and so impossible to ignore. And there is nothing we can do to stop it.

It makes me think about life in general and about relationships. Things change. Our bodies get older, our experiences hopefully make us wiser, and people weave in and out of our lives.  Are you ever amazed by the way people change? There are those I’ve known for years yet discover through a turn of events, I’ve never really known them at all. And then there are those who’s lives change so drastically we no longer have a common bond and sure enough, the time comes when you realize you have drifted apart.

I guess that’s why family is so important. We need to know there are those in our lives that won’t fade away, won’t change so much we hardly recognize them, and won’t forget us. Siblings are so important – who else do we know from the get go? Who else do we share those childhood memories with quite like a siblings – memories of the the fun we had with the family dog, those special visits from the grandparents, and Christmases wrapped up in family traditions.

The holiday season can be trying and often brings out the worse or the best in people. I vote for bringing out the best, the very best for the sake of every other family member outside of ourselves. It takes effort but I’ve never experienced a time when I didn’t think the extra effort was worth it. Put on your best attitude and your happiest heart. The holidays are here!


Mary Ann


2 thoughts on “The Thing About Fall

  1. I think that faced with losing a sister, we all will remember to draw the best out in each other this year, and I am looking forward to Christmas and Thanksgiving with my family this year. I just hope that we always remember how much we really do love each other, and always remember to draw out the best in each other.

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