The Nose, Knows

Once the nose gets a hold of a good head cold, it hangs on for all it’s worth.  I’ve tried it all; antihistamines, decongestants, nasal irrigation, mustard plasters, and gargles. I’m taking every vitamin known to man. The nose continues to sneeze, sniffle, run, plug, and blow. There is no quieting the nose, no soothing the nose and certainly, no stopping the nose. It won’t quit.

Once the nose gets a really masterful cold going, it becomes the biggest thing on my face. It’s huge in it’s swollen plugged up state of germ infested bulberousness.  It’s like a small pumpkin where my nose used to be. I’d cut off my nose despite my face if  it would do me any good. I hate the thing.

Not only that, but now it’s got a tissue rash that is severe. I mean it’s raw and it hurts like crazy every time I need to blow my nose which is about every thirty five seconds.  Yes, I’m using the soft tissue with the moisturizer in it. I think I’m allergic to it though; I think it’s attributing to my sneezing.

I’m about to call roto-rooter. I think I need the snake to go in there and do it’s thing.


Mary Ann

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