The End of Daylight

Now that it’s November, this is the view from outside our car windows, regardless of the time of day. It’s dark and foggy and there’s no way around it. We have become moles struggling to get around in the dark. We get up and go to work in the dark. We leave work and go home in the dark. We pick up groceries in the dark and go for a run in the dark.

If I had it my way, every light in the house would be on all winter long. I would add lamps to every corner old man winter lurks, driving him out with my make believe sunshine. I’d turn the heat up to eighty degrees, wear shorts and a tank top and sip ice tea while listening to music from the Caribbean. I’d wear sunscreen.

Power bills. They show up and drain our checkbooks as a reminder that we simply cannot live in dreamland with all the lights on and the heat turned up. Wool socks, sweats, an extra blanket on the bed; those are the things we do. Lot’s of coffee, good books and a fire in the wood stove. Dogs and cats to curl up with.

It’s not so bad I guess. I love winter food; stews and soups and chili slow cooking all day.

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