Testing the Water


Good Morning!


While the majority of society forges ahead, myself and a handful of others gingerly test the waters. We have an aversion to technology yet we are aware we must surround ourselves with all kinds of technology in order to stay out of the department of dinosaurs.  I know people who are there. They refuse to own a computer or a cell phone or anything else modern and awesome.  I might be afraid of the tech-y stuff, but I’m blown away by it and constantly try to wrap my brain around it whenever I can.

I admit I almost always need someone to hold my hand as I venture out, as though I were taking a walk on the moon. When no one is looking, I experiment on my own. Sometimes I’m actually successful, and then other times…well, you know.

So, I’m proud to announce the picture above was taken from my very own digital camera and I posted it on this blog without anyone else in the room. I know…most of you have been doing this since you were born. But I haven’t’ and it’s a big deal to me!

I’m going to be taking my camera everywhere I go now, so all the photos from now on will be originals and not someone else’s photography I’ve borrowed off the internet. I hope you enjoy my pics!


Mary Ann


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