Surprise! Surprise.

The roller coaster of life continues. Ever notice how the nice, peaceful, contented times last for such a short stretch? Like sometimes as little as an hour or two? And then there will be a time, like a whole two weeks where we get lulled into thinking all the challenges and struggles and negatives are done with. We’ve faced it all and handled it all! We’re done!

Not quite. Exhausting isn’t it? I thank God for my sense of humor. Without it, I would be hiding away in some tiny cabin deep in the mountains somewhere, chopping wood and washing my hair in rain water. If I couldn’t laugh at life, there would be no sink or swim; there would only be sink.

Humor is magic. It’s s gift that allows us to release tension and stress without having to cry all the time. The motor won’t start, there is no wind for our sails, and we’re stuck out on the water at nightfall.  How are we getting home?  Humor got us there.  We celebrated our thirty eighth anniversary the other day. Without a sense of humor, we would never have made even ten.  I look in the mirror – you gotta laugh! Who is that? It sure as heck isn’t the person I am. Who I am in my head and who I am in the mirror are not related.

Expectations are not quite as high these days; at least for myself they are not. I have to chuckle at the ridiculous expectations of the world. If everyone decided to laugh at the worlds view of aging, what qualifies as success, or the ridiculous political correctness we shove down each others throats, maybe the worlds view would change. If everyone went ahead and laughed at it all, we would be able to relax and enjoy life a lot more.

When you find yourself getting all worked up about something, try to find the humorous side to the situation. Then just sit back and have a laugh. You’ll feel a lot better and you’ll maintain good health.

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