Supplement This!

Suppliment This!
Supplement This!

As I nestle into the 50’s, I’ve noticed some rather disturbing likenesses between my parents and myself.  Now, they are in their 80’s and are therefore expected to have less than reliable memories and knees and hips requiring repairs.  It’s also normal to see them throw ten or twenty pills down in a twenty four hour span.

I’ve spent many years shaking my head and vowing to be as different from them as night and day. I will not be a slave to prescription drugs nor will I take a suppliment for every little thing that comes along. Right?

I was doing quite well on my no pill diet until my cholestrol showed up in digits high enough to stop an elephants heart mid beat. That was the beginning. A little Lipitor for that along with something  herbal. Well, two or three herbal things, actually. Need to get that under control. 

Then came the “change”! Oh, yes, I am in the midst of the ever so dreaded change. Go crazy or break down and take some flax, nighttime rose hips, femal, soy, etc.  There now. That’s not so bad. Just a few suppliments here and there. I’m no spring chicken after all.

Oh, the joints! They could use a little Glucosamine with Conjointin.  Well, just two or three a day and things are much improved. There’s also a little of this ointment stuff that helps the arthritis a bit. Just, you know, for prevention.

Good grief! Has anyone noticed how hard these long dark winter days are on the mental outlook? I mean, life starts looking a bit bleak, so maybe a whole lot of Vitamin D is in order. That will lift the spirits!

I think we’re done now. Well, not really. I mean who gets by without a good ol One-A-Day?  No one. It’s a necessity.

Well, I don’t think there’s any question: I either equal or exceed my parents in the pill department. I’ve been humbled.

Never say never. It just might be unavoidable in the end.

Excuse me. I need to go take something for my left hip. It’s killing me.


Mary Ann

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