Sorry I Forgot to Blog!

A friend called the other day and asked if I’d been sick. “No, why do you ask?” She explained she hadn’t received a blog notice from my web site for a while and thought I must be sick.

I had to admit I’d just been so busy, I actually forgot! The realization led me to examine my forgetfulness lately. For example; I just had the perfect example but can’t remember it now. That’s how my mind has been since the beginning of the 2013 “Holiday Season.”

How does one reclaim the brain after yet another holiday survival? It’s possible with the culmination of so many years of stress, exhaustion, excitement, and sugar, that the time comes when the brain overloads for one last time with no turning back. The damage is done. It’s over. The fat lady has sung.

It feels like running a marathon and then never being able to so much as walk again. Have I reached a final burn-out? Will there be no cerebral recovery?

I keep forgetting about the resolutions I made a mere twenty two days ago. I’ve failed to exercise more in the New Year than I have in the past. I eat well for five or even six days and then completely forget and proceed to devour a powdered sugar croissant and anything else my sweet tooth desires. Two days later I’m wondering what the heck is wrong with me? How does one forget they don’t eat that stuff anymore? Yet on a more positive side, I have managed to send out three birthday cards in the new year so I haven’t completely failed.

I suppose I’m not alone. There must be others like me, wandering around in life wondering if there’s some place they’re supposed to be; wondering what their missing. We should form a club or a support group that meets up on a regular basis. The problem, of course, would be getting someone to remind us all to go.


Mary Ann

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