Soldier On!

My goodness! Is it my imagination,or is our country filling up with a  bunch of old people? Everywhere I look, there are people over sixty with that goofy look in their eyes that says “I may be sixty three but my mind is still thirty four, my thoughts are twenty six, and my behavior is eighteen. Defiance. We are an ageing country hell bent on defiance.

And I’m the queen of the show. Lord knows I’ll never admit to my aches and pains, to the times I’ve gotten in the car and not remembered where I’m going, to showing up at the dentist on the wrong day, to taking a jog only to be unable to climb stairs for a week. Only God knows how long I stare in the mirror and wonder who is that old bat and what is she doing in my reflection. I’m still a mere forty years old. Right? Why can’t the universe and mother nature just acknowledge it? Forty is the new sixty three! Don’t they know?

Soldier on my fellow defiant friends. Keep that diet going, ramp up the exercise program, and refuse to accept the truth. It will not, in this case, set you free!


Mary Ann




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