Skagit Flats Marathon


Skagit Flats Marathon


“Just think,” my neighbor encouraged, “over a thousand people’s worth of positive energy!” I was sold. That right there was the line that set me over the top. I’d never considered doing a half marathon (certainly never a whole one!) yet I was sold. Let’s face it, this is the end of a sad/happy weekend. End of summer, start of fall. Storing away of the boats, crab pots, swim suits. The dark days of winter looming. So, the idea of being swallowed up in a thousand people’s worth of positive energy was a no brain-er. Of course I’ll join you! I can do a half marathon, easy.

I filled out the registration form on-line, proudly admitting that no, I’ve never entered a marathon before, therefore never have completed one either. No, I’d never done a half marathon, never entered one, never completed one. No. No races for me. I proudly entered my fifty nine years of age and total lack of experience. Yet, everyone has to start somewhere, right?

So, this Sunday I will be joining friends bright and early in Burlington, Washington, for the Skagit Flats Marathon 36th annual and Half-Marathon. I’m not even nervous.  I’ve been putting in a lot of miles myself lately. I’ll just do my normal run twice over and call it good. And just think; I get a t-shirt for registering, a marathon t-shirt, and a medallion to hang around my neck when I complete the race. It will be a first for me. I plan to not only finish, but finish in good standing. Who knows; maybe next year I’ll go for the whole thing.

A Marathon! Just think!


Mary Ann

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  1. Fantastic! I’m so proud of you. I think it’s just great, you’re going to be just fine. How about a follow up to let us all know how it goes. May the wind be behind your back and the sun be shining on your shoulders. The best to you and you go girl!!!

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