Prologue to “Adeline”

Adeline, my novel, is scheduled to be released the end of January, 2011. As time is moving quickly and January is only three months away, I thought it would be fun to post the prologue to Adeline, and hopefully spark a little interest. I hope you enjoy it.


By: Mary Ann Hayes


I’m going to tell you a story, and believe you me, it’s true. So you just remember that when you feel your eyebrows rising and your mind saying she must be crazy. It isn’t crazy at all, it’s just the truth. Might be hard to believe, but life is full of surprises and you just never know what’s coming your way.

Now, I know I never should have gone out there in the first place. I mean I know I’m old, eight seven is getting old I suppose, but it doesn’t mean I have to quit living and I’m sick and tired of everyone expecting me to.

Anyway, if I hadn’t done it, I wouldn’t be saved right now. I’ve had a battle going on my  whole life, since I was a little girl. I never could understand how my sister slept through the battle that was happening time and time again in our bedroom at night. Sometimes, I was afraid to fall asleep. I always had an intuition when the battle was going to be played out and I was so scared that one day, the angel would lose.

If the angel lost, I would be lost. I hid under the covers as long as I could stand it, as long as the demon couldn’t get too close. But sometimes it managed to fool the angel and trick it into stepping away from me just long enough to come between us. When that happened I flew from my covers and jumped behind the easy chair in the corner, crouching down low and peeking around to watch and pray for the angel to win. Win once again so I could go on living.

The angel could cover me better when I was behind the easy chair. It was less of an area to protect than was the bed. I’d dare to watch, peering around the corner of the chair just enough to see that my angel was still covering me. I would see the slick black demon with the red glowing eyes under the built-in desk in the corner of my bedroom. I could see it through the fine filter of the angel’s wings as she spread them out so it couldn’t get to me. I think it was a girl anyway, and I was always amazed at the fearlessness and the strength of my angel. She had no fear of the demon except the fear that it might get to me if she failed to watch over me for even an instant.

I tried to tell by sister about it one time. She said it was a stupid nightmare and I shouldn’t think about it much. She didn’t want to hear about it because it scared the willies out of her, I know! She never was one for anything out of the ordinary, that girl.

Well, I lost a lot of sleep throughout my childhood because of that spirit war that was always going on. And then sometime, I don’t know when, I realized I hadn’t been at war, me and my angel, with that hellish demon for a long time! I thought it finally gave up on me, my angel being as diligent in her duties as she was.

So, imagine my surprise when the old battle was back after all these years. Out there in the woods, I about died, I about froze to death! And doesn’t it figure that old satin would send a demon out to get you when you’re down? Down as low as one can go. When you have no defenses and your angels disappeared for years and you don’t know if she’ll find you way out there. But she did, and this time, I was the one to beat the demon! I was strong enough now. My angel, she was there all right. She planted herself right behind me, not because she was no longer willing to protect me. She stood behind me so that this time I could be the one to overcome the evil sent out to destroy me. She knew that if I could triumph that night, I would never ever be faced with the demon again. And, she knew I could do it. I was a strong woman that night and I was able to stand up in the light of my angel and fight my own battle in the dead of that dark cold night. And I destroyed that demon. I am a conqueror! A warrior of the good and the light!

From the novel, Adeline, scheduled for release the end of January, 2011.

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