My New Year Resolutions

new year

A clean slate – that’s what a new year is to me. A nice fresh start – an opportunity to challenge myself then revel in my stunning accomplishments. Or not. It all depends on what I have resolved to do and how I plan to go about it.

I tend to make a resolution as I’m in the act of breaking it, then resolve to never break it again just as soon as I’m done with this one last infraction. You know, like I resolve to give up sugar for the year but not until all the sugar in the house is used up. I can’t just waste it and let it get old. You know how fast sugar gets old. So by the time the sugar is all used up, three or four months have gone by and it’s too late to activate that particular resolution.

Or, I resolve to work our vigorously four days a week but not until the first of next month. I have a thing about starting a fresh New Year resolution at the beginning of a fresh new month. If I fail to start January 1st, then it’s too late on the 2nd. I’ve already lost a day. Consequently, I need to wait until February 1st and hope I don’t forget. Sometimes February 1st comes and goes before I realize I am once again late to the starting gate. This can go on for an entire year which is why I make that same resolution year after year.

I always resolve to be a better friend by remembering to send birthday cards. I love getting cards in the mail so it stands to reason my friends do too. Yet I am notorious for forgetting, and then am too embarrassed and ashamed to send one of those “sorry I forgot your birthday” cards. Therefore, I ignore it and pretend I already sent the card but it must have gotten lost in the mail. I love blaming the U.S. Postal Service for my failure to post.

So, once again, my New Year resolutions are to give up sugar, work out vigorously four days a week, and be a better friend. I resolve that this year will be different than all the others that have come and gone carrying my failures with them. This is the year I plan to succeed!

Wish me luck.

Mary Ann

2 thoughts on “My New Year Resolutions

  1. Best resolution of all: No more resolutions.
    Live joyously and care about friends – surprise them and ourselves — send a card or email for no reason, phone to say hello.

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