Monday, Monday…

A new week begins. A fresh start. Monday morning presents us with an opportunity to make the next seven days count; I mean really count!

Monday has had a bad rap for as long as I can remember. For most of us it’s the beginning of a long work week and the end of the cherished weekend.  Most of us tend to resent it.

But what if it’s the kick start to five days of accomplishments; goals being met, problems being handled and maybe even solved? What if Monday became a day of celebrating the chance to do better this week than last, to smile, to laugh, and to love more?

I think we should adopt a whole new outlook on Mondays. I’m going to get the ball rolling, for myself anyway, right now. I’ll begin by making a list of goals to be started on Mondays and finished with by Friday at 5:00 p.m.  It will be my own private race; distance to run, hurtles to jump, obstacles to overcome. I think I’ll imagine a horse race, actually. It begins on Monday morning at 7:00 a.m. The trumpet trumps and the gun is shot, all hooves on the mark; Get ready, get set, go! .

Every week will bring a whole new set of challenges to be eagerly met and accomplished. Every day in the week could be greeted with anticipation and excitement. Monday’s will be a new beginning every time they show up. By Friday and 5:00, I’m going to feel very good about everything I’ve gotten done, how little or no time was wasted and the new discipline that has been inflicted upon myself by me.

Now, I know you may be feeling like I’ve lost my marbles and you are probably right. Yet, insanity comes in many forms and this is one of the least harmful ways. Over exuberance! What a good thing, maybe even life changing. Friday evenings will be met by putting a great week behind me and looking forward to the next.

This whole new outlook is going to be the means to which I not only get through the Holidays, but enjoy every last minute of them. I will be organized and ready because I will have wasted no time. The end of the summer clothes will be put away, the patio furniture stored, the bulbs planted.  I plan to add a little more writing and exercise time to each day. I won’t talk about the bathroom scale. I’ll just say there’s always a goal to be met there and why not make it one that begins anew every Monday?

It will all be done in increments; manageable, sensible increments of seven days at a time. And yes, the seventh day will be for rest. Learning to let things go one day a week and really allow yourself to rest is as important as blazing a trail.

I guess I’ll see how I do with the whole new outlook on Mondays before I decide to attack a whole new month. And after a nap. This is a lot to take on. I really need to be rested up and ready, so a nap…


Mary Ann

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