Meet me at the Fountain

The fountain was located in the center of the small mountain village. It was encircled with shops and restaurants lining the outside parameter. Every thing faced the center of the town square where the fountain spouted in the warm afternoon sun. It was nearing evening and some of the cafe’s were busy serving red wine, huge kalamata olives and fresh aromatic breads.

A cluster of old men crowded a bench that wrapped around the fountain, leaning around to talk to each other and smoke their cigarettes. They glanced our way occasionally, blowing smoke as their minds wandered – most likely down a trail of memories. Earlier times when they were young and spry, when their minds had yet to forget a friends name or the day of the week or how they once had little ones splashing in the fountain water as their grandchildren did now.

People greeted one another, genuinely happy to be in each others company. Hugs and hugs and more hugs. We never wanted to leave. Where is the fountain in our lives, the one where family and friends hurry to gather at every chance they get? Why has this amazing sense of community and belonging failed to seed itself in our modern day lives?

I think we need to take a giant step back. What do we see?


Mary Ann

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