Living in Paradise

Chilling at our neighbors!
Chilling at our neighbors!

So here we are, the luckiest people on the planet, living in the Pacific Northwest. Sometimes it takes a particularly nasty winter to bring about total appreciation of a promising summer. So far, this summer rocks!

The view from my kitchen window is startling; bright blue skies, snow capped mountains, clear smooth waters. It’s hard to imagine anything better than this. Getting here was a struggle though, especially with the steely gray winter saturated in rain, mold, and darkness. There are times when I think we must be nuts for living here.

Then, just in the nick of time, along comes summer and everything changes. We dry out, it stays light past three thirty in the afternoon, and the abundance of fleece is moved to the guest room closet to make room for our cottons. We survived it again!

Sitting here in the sun admiring my amazing surroundings brings on a serious bout of amnesia. What rain? What darkness? I don’t remember anything except what’s happening right now and right now is too good to do anything with but become a part of.

It’s crab season for us regular folks. The pots are filling up and the cookers are steaming. I counted twelve eagles in the sky at the same time yesterday. Where else does that happen?

So, out the door we go, every chance we get, to take in as much natural Vitamin D as possible, feel the warmth of the sun on our skin, and breath air not fighting for space with pelting raindrops. It’s better than great – it’s something so amazing it could get a person right off the antidepressants. Oh yeah!

Enjoy the day!

Mary Ann






3 thoughts on “Living in Paradise

  1. So… how do I say this nicely.. we’re moving in for the summer. Ok I lied, just every other weekend. Mwuahaha!

    Great post, love you tons.

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