Launching a Novel

By: Mary Ann Hayes

I’m launching my novel “A Friend Like Frank” on my own. That is to say, no official “publisher” involved. It’s an experiment. You see, I’ve done it the old fashioned way: send a manuscript to one publisher after another, year after year, rejection after rejection. I eventually did succeed in getting “Adeline” published by an old fashioned publisher and although it did a lot for my self esteem, it hasn’t done much for my pocketbook. I’ll need to work hard selling as many copies of “Adeline” as possible for many years before I ever see a royalty check.

So, I decided to try publishing via electronically. “A Friend Like Frank” is available for Kindle users, through Amazon as an e-book exclusively for ninety days.  No published manuscript, no new book smell or raised letters on the cover. Just words on the flat Kindle screen. It’s sure different, but I kind of like it.

There are definite pros and cons, most of them obvious and I think I’ll be one of those people who opt for both. The convenience of the Kindle makes it tremendously attractive, yet an actual printed book on a rainy day with a hot cup of coffee is a ritual. Living without printed books would feel as though I were missing my best friend.  Yet, going to Mexico with three or four good novels taking up no more space than a very small tablet is the ultimate space and weight saver. There’s a lot to be said for that.

Technology is taking us places we never thought we would go and sometimes it’s hard to accept. I have times of sweet nostalgia for the simplicity of my childhood years where a color television in the living room was way cool. Yet, I often think of how nice it would have been to get through college with the use of the internet. I truly hated library research! It was slow and tedious. Am I better off for having experienced it? Maybe just a bit more appreciative of the technology at our finger tips today.

I kind of envy little kids these days. They come into the world with little techie brains and grasp computer concepts quicker than learning to tie a shoe. Do all kids shoes come with Velcro now? Maybe they do. I’m always on the lookout for a little kid to teach me how to use a new cell phone when I get one, or how to turn on the WII. Then I need them to show me how to go from the WII to the TV or to music. It’s all too much for me.

Amazing, isn’t it, that I published an e-book! I’m quite proud of myself. I hope you read it. It’s only $.99 on Amazon and it’s a great romantic comedy. If you read it, you may want to order “Adeline” too. I need to sell a lot of those and actually, it’s my favorite. Check them both out and enjoy!


Mary Ann






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