Kick Start

I’ve been gone for a while, in my head anyway. Life can throw a person off balance now and then. Yet, I’ve been missing my blog and missing comments from my few readers, precious as you are, so it’s time to get busy again.

I’m a grandma now, and couldn’t be happier. I can’t believe how much I love this little guy and I’ve yet to hold him. He came a little early, about ten weeks actually, so he’s busy growing still. Yet one of these days soon he’ll be out of the NICU and I’ll have him cradled in my arms and it will be so much more real to me than it is now. I can hardly wait!

In the mean time, I need to get my head out of the nursery and back to my writing. I’ve been terribly neglectful and totally absent in all respects. “The Trouble with Tony” (sequel to “A Friend Like Frank) is in the editing stage and should be ready in about a month. I will let you know when it’s on Amazon.com. I’m going to put it out as an ebook first, then as a printed book later. In the mean time I’m starting on “All Bet’s are Off”, which is the third in the Mischief Chronicles series. These are fun reads, all three of them, the kind of book you read on vacation when you want entertainment that doesn’t require a lot of thought.

I’m super excited for summer. The yard it looking good and the flower pots are ready. We still need to get the old boat out of storage and fire it up so we can take our summer trips to neighboring islands and pull a few brave skiers. It’s also nice to have it to swim out to, like a swim platform or something, catch a little sun and float around.

I guess my grandson will be a little young still, to go on the boat this year. Maybe next year though. I can hardly wait.


Mary Ann

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