Keeping the Boat Afloat

Sea of Dreams

There is a lot of work involved in keeping the boat afloat. It needs constant care and attention, plenty of elbow grease.  We’ve noticed whenever we let ourselves slack off, we end up having to haul it out of the water and scrape off barnacles that shouldn’t have been allowed to latch on in the first place. That’s what happens when we let things go. Little inconveniences turn into problems; narley things start to attache themselves. It always ends up being a job we could have avoided.

Leaks are something we need to keep an eye out for. They’re not an everyday occurrence, but occasionally we notice a little water sloshing around where it shouldn’t be.  If we get right on it, we can patch it up before there’s a major hole in the boat.  At times, we’ve been too tired or just too lazy to take care of it. By the time we got around to fixing them, things were out of hand and a huge mess was taking over. When the life vests float out the boat and the gas tank is empty, there’s sure to be trouble on the sea of dreams. Why didn’t we pay attention? We should never let it go that far!

The problem then is finding a dry dock available to do the work and the funds to take care of all the repairs. When the ship begins to sink, it take a lot more of everything to fix it back up like new again. Sometimes, it’s not possible, which can be disastrous. When it is possible, all hands must be on deck, willing to throw hearts and souls into the restoration. Of course, there are rare occasions when the restored version is better than the original, but I don’t think it’s worth taking the chance. Like I said, it’s rare.

Pay close attention to the waters of our times and the boat your floating. Button down the hatches.  The forecast is stormy on the sea of dreams.


Mary Ann

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