Just Thinking

What to do?
What to do?
I’ve been having a hard time deciding what to blog about lately.  I rarely have writers block, but this has been a long stretch, about 10 days, and I’m wondering what the problem is. There are unlimited topics to discuss, yet nailing one down and running with it appears to be a difficulty. Am I sick? I have been battling a tiny bit of a head cold lately. Am I just brain dead? That’s a possibility.

It’s also possible that I have so much to blog about, it’s difficult to pick a topic.

Moving into spring is always a mental boost. Our dark winters leave us craving sunlight and warm air. Yet, before we get there, we need to finish the business of winter. It’s as if we’re on the job and have been offered a promotion. We need to get the old job finished up and everything in order before we can walk away and take on something new. We need to finish up winter.

We’ll wait patiently for the sun to rise early enough to be the alarm clock and the high tides to recede so Puget Sound isn’t quite so cluttered with debris. We’ll get serious and shed the remaining winter pounds so we don’t scare ourselves when we put on our shorts.  And we need to get the garden ready – all the plants cleaned up and the dead stuff cleared out. There’s a lot to do before we’re good to go.

And sometimes, as we enter the season of change, we find ourselves dealing with changes in relationships, friends and family alike.  Spring is a time for starting over and unfortunately, in our current economy,  many are starting over out of necessity, not out of choice, leaving behind comfortable and familiar people and places.

It’s tough on all of us. We cheer each other on as we muddle through winter and want to stand together to welcome spring.  One more winter conquered! One more fresh new beginning to embrace. Starting over in a whole new place full of new faces is a difficult task, yet do-able and sometimes it’s even for the better.

For those preparing for such a journey, take courage and confidence along for the  ride. You will surely be missed by many, but you may find just what you’ve been looking for on the new frontier. There’s a bright light at the end of every dark tunnel. Keep a positive eye on the future and run with it. This winter in your life will be over before you know it, and it will be spring again.


Mary Ann

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