Just Thinking…

I hope everyone had a “making-good-memories” kind of Thanksgiving. After all, that’s pretty much what we’re doing as we stuff the turkey and bake those pies; making memories for ourselves and those we care about and hoping it will be so wonderful we’ll cheerfully look forward to next year.

Although ours was the smallest gathering ever, we had a memorable time. Even though it was cold, the day was sunny and perfectly still. We built a roaring bonfire on the beach and delighted in our baby grandsons fascination. It was toasty warm and we played around our beach fire for hours.

At dinner, we ate way too much and complained about our aching stomachs. I couldn’t help but feel a tiny bit guilty, wondering about those out in the cold or those with stomachs aching from hunger. I bought a couple of those pre-packed holiday dinners in a brown bag the grocery stores put together and sell for the food banks. That way, shoppers don’t even have to think about what to donate. Just buy the ten dollar bag, leave it with the cashier, and you’re done. At least I did that much, I told myself. It was better than nothing; right?

We talked about Christmas and what to do about the whole gift giving thing. Do we really need anything more, or would the money be better spent as a donation to Food for the Hungry or World Concern?  Wouldn’t it be fun to do a white elephant gift exchange, twenty dollars or under per gift, then donate the rest of the Christmas budget to someone who really needs the help? I’m proud of my family for embracing this idea for the second year in a row.

Of course, we will still buy for the little ones. Christmas is magic in the eyes of a child, as it should be. Yet it should be magic for all children. Impossible, you say? Well, yes, although we can make a dent in the world of poverty. We cannot eliminate it all, but we can truly make a difference.

You may want to consider purchasing a few of those food donation bags at the grocery store next time you see them. And you may be surprised to find other members of your family willing to forgo another un-needed gift for the gift of giving to the desperately needy this Christmas Season. You could always ask, anyway. Just thinking…


Mary Ann

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