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Eagles Concert 2

Last Wednesday night, the Key Arena was host to The Eagles in Concert, and to use an old cliche, it was a blast from the past. Imagine a sold out crowd of people in their fifties and sixties, a sea of silver hair and balding heads, being transformed into the bunch of kids they used to be. Gone were our aches and pains, our wrinkles and crinkles.  Somehow, the second our rock and roll hero’s stepped on stage, we were young again, every one of us, and it was magical.

It’s been said there is a child dwelling deep in the heart of every human being, regardless of how old, and I believe it’s important to take a trip down memory lane once in a while to bring that child to the surface once again. It reminds us of who we really are, just a bunch of kids all grown up, who still need to persevere and hold tight to dreams, old and new. The Eagles were a good testimony to the benefits of chasing the rainbow. After a fourteen year time out, they regrouped and went back to work, reminding everyone of every age that it is never too late for anything as long as our hearts are in it. And you know what? They were better this time around than they’ve ever been.

Looking around, we saw couples with kids that must have been grandchildren, enjoying this group of musicians  extraordinary diversity and talent, both vocally and instrumentally. They’ve grown up too, this old time rock and roll band, behaving on stage as true gentlemen and professionals, still harmonizing with well trained voices, each proficient at a variety of instruments.

Things were a bit different this time around, though, and I must admit, for the better. For one thing, the air was clear as Seattle after a summer rain; no funny stuff fogging things up. And nobody appeared inebriated, no bottles being passed around that we could see. And although we were a little bit worried about the woman in front of us, she did manage to keep her shirt on, much to our relief. So, we’ve grown up and realize the benefits of being in the present. I was proud of us.

It made me wonder about the bands of today; how many of them will be around forty years from now? How many of them will have an arena full of long time devoted fans revisiting the days of their youth with heartfelt tears in their eyes?

So, thank you Don Henley, Glenn Frey, Joe Walsh, and Timothy Schmit. I hope we made you feel young again too.


Mary Ann




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