It’s all about the babies…

None of us can forget the emotional rush that transported us from being a mere woman to being a woman who is also a mother. How can it be explained? Nothing has ever felt as spiritually all consuming as the moment I took that precious newborn in my arms, inhaled that intoxicating newborn smell, and felt the heart beat of my child against my chest.

It’s overpowering. Unexplainable. Unbelievable. As a mother, we never forget the moment when the world stopped and all of heaven and earth smiled upon it’s newest addition. Pure magic. It’s the reason Mother’s Day is such a big deal. It doesn’t seam to matter what happened after that, the memory on Mother’s Day is the one where we are sitting in the glider holding our newborn and feeling nothing but contetment and love.

But then, I’d never been a grandmother. Until now, that is. Oh, my, I love being a mom, but being Grandma is the best! Us Grandma’s are consumed with an intense love of the new grand-baby that courses through our veins like the flood of rushing water spilling over Niagara Falls in the spring. It’s beyond words. We want to breath that new little baby right up our nostrils, that’s the intensity of our grand-baby passion.

It’s a good thing we don’t get to keep them full time. It’s a good thing we are the helpers this time around, and not the baby’s main attraction. I’m sure we would drive them crazy with our undivided attention, our determination to do it right this time around, just let us show you how!

Yes, we are totally in love and completely out of control. And we love it. Our little grand-baby is the most beautiful human being ever put on this earth, hands down. He is precious beyond belief and amazing in ways no other child has ever been in the entire history of mankind. This statement is not open for challenge or discussion or doubt. Just ask me. I’m his GRANDMA!


Mary Ann

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