Have Faith and Pay it Forward

As a country of legendary marketing finesse, “they” have sold “us”, the general public, a bevy of brilliant and powerfully positive slogans; Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life, Just Do It, Count Your Blessings, Live in the Moment, Because You Can, Take Nothing for Granted, Go for the Gusto, etc.  All suggestions with the best of intentions, directed at encouraging our society to search out the positive in every situation. Chin up, ol’ boy! And you know what?  “They”, are right!

It’s not only good advise but necessary for survival in this doubtful, unpredictable time where fear prevails. We are afraid to think, do, or say just about anything. Our government lies to it’s people daily as does our media, we are afraid to leave our money in failing financial systems, our property isn’t worth what we paid for it, and who knows what’s in our food let alone where it came from.

Planes, trains and automobiles are recalled, derailed, and flown into buildings, mountains, and rivers. Traveling abroad has lost it’s glamor. To many places abroad don’t seam to like us any more. Never mind that we’ve been the bleeding heart financial aid package that has bailed out an astounding number of those countries abroad that shun us today. Speaking globally, it appears short term memory isn’t the only memory we are having trouble with. Does anyone remember our history?

So, how do we shore up against the gloom and doom of our times? It is my belief this is accomplished through faith in a powerful higher being and in the concept of paying it forward.  God is my higher power. I take great relief in unburdening my heavy load onto His shoulders. And paying it forward is easy and a lot of fun! I think it’s time to bring back the goofy practical jokes of old, the ding dong ditch that leaves a basket of flowers on the door of an elderly lady, and fresh baked cookies delivered to the new family on the block.  Now that’s a tricky one; to do that, we’d have to find out who our neighbors are in the first place. Imagine the possibilities!

I think the best slogan I’ve bought into came from the Bible;  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  If we believe in what goes around comes around, then practicing paying it forward will benefit everyone that hops on the band wagon. For some, greatly.  I actually do it for selfish reasons quite often. I tell myself I may be in this or that situation some day and help will surely come my way.

So, just do it! Get out that gratitude journal and start logging. Never look back, for today is the first day of the rest of your life! Do it because you can and never say never.

The only way out for us, is to go back to the basics. Love thy neighbor as thyself. Treat each other with dignity and respect, kindness, acceptance, and love.  Honor the elderly in their wisdom and care for them as they grow fragile. Cherish babies as God’s greatest creation and love children enough to bother with discipline and education. Find the value in every human being, no matter how much we don’t like them.

Maybe we can start changing the world by changing ourselves. Just a thought.


Mary Ann

2 thoughts on “Have Faith and Pay it Forward

  1. Those are some real good thoughts. I’ll definitely give it a go. And I agree, I think part of the problem with our country is that we are either pushing God out of the picture or just not letting Him in, when we should be asking Him to take our burdens on His shoulders. But sometimes it takes humbling to bring one to their knees.

  2. Bravo Maryann…I agree…we need to go back to a simple life, a kinder life..smile, say “hi” and slow it down and be nice to each other again. Instead people are freaking out as I witnessed yesterday in the McDonald’s drive through, a woman went bonkers, perhaps justifiably so…a mini van driver, backed up from a parking space, inched her way into the drive through line, (cutting in line), the woman behind her laid on the horn, had some animated arms outstretched outside her window for full effect. I know no one likes a cutter but, it probably only took an additional 30 seconds for her to get her chicken mcnuggets…SMILE America, be nice again. And yes, I believe we can only be nice w/the help of our Lord.

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