Happy New Year!

Starting a new year is always exciting for me even though I resolve to do the same things every year; get in shape, lose weight, be a better wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, etc., etc.

Well, this new year is going to be different. I’m not making any resolutions. I mean, who actually lives up to their resolutions anyway? This year, all I’m going to do is stop letting myself down. No more false promises, no more unattainable goals, no more expecting more of myself than I’m able to do. I’m simply going to do my best and for once, finally, my best is going to be good enough.

Somewhere along the way we need to give ourselves a break, and this is the year for it. I think I’ll try and like myself better in 2010. Maybe I won’t be so devastated by my silver/gray grow-out and the recent signs of crows feet creeping around my eyes. I’m going to be proud of myself every time I walk the dogs, even if it’s a short walk. A short walk is better than nothing. And when I forget things, I’m not going to immediately jump to the conclusion that I have Alzheimers. I’m just going to get better at keeping the list!

So, be nice to yourselves this New Year. Don’t expect too much and don’t be so easily disappointed. This isn’t easy, you know, this life we have. There are a lot of pressures on everyone and everyone needs to take a deep breath and try to relax. The economy is going to take a long time to get better. I guess that’s going to have to be OK. None of us are getting any younger and that’s OK too. But this is the life we have and the world we live in and it’s actually pretty good. After all, we have each other, right?

Take care, start out the new year with a smile and a good long walk (outside, not on the treadmill!).


Mary Ann

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Howdy…I’ll be walking on my treadmill momentarily…because it’s too cold here in the south.
    I have one goal for 2010…find good toilet paper at a reasonable price…that’s it. Angel Soft isn’t cutting here in the Hicks house…too many complaints and it’s 2 ply…we were spoiled w/Northern Quilted 3 ply…

    Have fun w/your daily crunches…bravo to you.


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