Getting Back in the Groove!


I’ve missed blogging! Life got in the way BIG time but I’m ready to get going again. Blogging keeps my writing  life in order, my goals on target, and my mind sharp. Stepping out of the routine for such an extended period of time has proven to be fatal. Time to regroup and get back to it.

I’ve spent the past six months taking care of family and friends and although I  feel blessed to have had the chance to be there, it’s good things are settling down now because my keyboard is screaming for use. Words have gotten backed up in my brain and need to be released. They are fluttering around looking for a landing place on a page where a story is forming, questions are being asked, and emotions are shown. Words so full they explode like the sweetness of blackberries in peach cobbler or sparkles in the sky on the Forth of July.

So, I’ve settled on a word for the day. Today’s word is inertia. It means the inability or unwillingness to move; to act, kind of like I’ve been for half a year. Well, it’s time to move, time to act, time to eliminate inertia from the vocabulary of words that describe me! I will no longer remain at rest, unable to continue where I left off. Watch for my blogs. I plan to publish a new one twice a week beginning with this one. Not the best or most interesting one, I’ll admit, but it’s a start.

Have a good day and I’ll talk to you later in the week.


Mary Ann

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