Filters and Mufflers

I Can't Believe He Said That!!!!

At a recent family gathering, it was brought to my attention how so many of us come into the world with a malfunctioning filter. I was amazed by the number of times the women had to stop the men mid-sentence to remind them to put their filters on.

Some of the men were apparently born without the knowledge or ability to develop their filters,  or perhaps they don’t have one at all.  It’s a big job to design and implement filters on some of these guys. They’re the ones that get a thought in their heads and the thought just comes flying out of their mouths without going through the filter first. We all know how much damage has been done over the years because of the lack of a good filter.

It’s the same way with mufflers. Ever notice how so many men slap their hand down on the table to make a point, causing everyone in the room to jump? Ever notice how many booming voices could be lowered about ten octaves so the rest of us can hear ourselves think? What is it with the need to be heard, loud and clear, clean into the next county?

What is it about filters and mufflers that guys don’t get? We, as women, start at the beginning. The day a child is born, we are hushing and shushing. Most people grow up knowing the difference between inside and outside voices, and what’s socially acceptable to say and what isn’t. At least by the time they reach adulthood, that is.

And speaking of adulthood, exactly when does that happen these days? I always thought it was actually when a person reaches twenty one. But it seams that was only wishful thinking. I believe it really occurs when they have properly developed and  mastered the use of their filters and mufflers. That just may be the new official definition of an adult.

For some, it might mean they never actually do reach adulthood. I’m sure we all know a few folks well past twenty something who are still floundering around, getting nowhere because of either missing or malfunctioning filters and mufflers. Is there hope for them? Only time will tell; time and the patience of Job.

Well, I for one am pleased to see our family able to broach the subject in the first place.  It’s a touchy subject but these things are best discussed out in the open. Only when everyone is on board and agrees to the absolute necessity of filters and mufflers,  can progress be made.

It’s just one more thing to add t the check list when heading out the door in the morning – got your car keys, cell phone, muffler and filter?


Mary Ann

3 thoughts on “Filters and Mufflers

  1. hahahaha! yeah I remember that day. It was a lot of laughing we did talking about filters.

    I have to say though, I don’t think it’s just the guys who have problems with filters. I will admit that sometimes my filter act up. And seriously regret what I have said. It would trouble me the whole night (or week) just thinking about why I said what I said. :-p

    I think I remembered to bring my filter today though.

  2. Filter? Do I actually have one of those? No? I guess that makes me a guy- although i would consider myself an adult.
    Actually, I think I have a selective filter. Some people get to hear what pops into my head, and some don’t get to hear anything of substance at all.

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