Feather Dusters and Cob Webs

They have grown thick and fuzzy, these cob webs in my head. Not only that, but our damp Pacific Northwest winters present the grave danger of mold entering into the equation. Can you imagine? Moldy cob webs hanging out in our heads?

I know it’s happening to me and I know what a dangerous outcome this could have if something isn’t done about it soon. My thoughts are becoming stale. Boring thoughts lacking essential energy and creativity. Useless thoughts void of anything positive or inspirational. Old cold moldy thoughts held prisoner in a cob webby head.

All that can be done is to locate a magic feather duster, one that enters our damp webbed brains on a warm breeze and sweeps away the cob webs while drying out all the mold. It’s somewhere to be found- somewhere on this planet of ours.  The duster is made from soft colorful feathers plucked from the tails of birds of paradise. It wafts through our heads ever so gently, carefully sweeping the thick sticky webs from side to side. Given enough time,at least a week, the webs will all be dusted away and the mold will dry out. Our thinking will be crystal clear and our vision twenty twenty.

This is a serious process that takes at least seven days, most preferably in Mexico!


Mary Ann

3 thoughts on “Feather Dusters and Cob Webs

  1. Somehow that reminds me of moldy cheese. A cheese may mold, as cheese does (because it is the nature of cheese to mold), but once you remove the mold with a layer of cheese, the cheese is ready to be eaten again, and is tasty as ever before.

  2. Wow…moldy cheese! That brings to mind so many different things. Would the delicate bird of paradise feather duster be able to move the solid cheese or do we need to employ the strength of eagle feathers to clear out that kind of debris. Then our thoughts could tag on and soar top lofty heights!

    But wait…there are those who actually like moldy cheese for its medicinal ingredients; therefore, we must be judicious in our clearing house. Perhaps the webs are our bodys or minds way of saying slow down, take a rest!

    The way we look at things is essential to how we proceed in our lives…how we structure our way of being. I dont mind the moldy bits as long as they dont turn into unmoveable globs.


  3. This mold you write about reminds me of scum growing on a pond.
    The scummy stuff doesn’t grow in rivers, why? Because the water is moving. I hope your river of thoughts is flowing freely now Maan!

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