Failure to Blog!

I was out of town for about a week and didn’t get to my usual Tuesday blog. I missed it, but now that I have time to get down to business again, I can’t think of much to say.

I spent the time with my daughter, Staci. She and I hit the road for Boise, Idaho. The sun always shines in Boise, did you know that?  It was great to be there and catch up with our dear old friends and meet a very special new one; a sweet little two month old baby girl named Lottie.  We spent every minute together, shopping all day every day, fixing dinners together and toting baby Lottie with us everywhere we went. Four sets of loving hands made it pretty easy on new momma, Kelsy.

As Kathy and I followed behind our daughters, my Staci snuggling the newborn daughter of her best friend tenderly in her arms, we found it hard to hold back tears. Wasn’t it just yesterday our two girls were in fourth grade, silly little girls having the time of their lives. How is it that they are married women now, and one with a daughter of her own? Time is flying.

I’m so glad we took the drive and took the time to reconnect. It’s so worth it and so important. This life, as the saying goes, comes and goes in the blink of an eye. That’s okay with me, as long as I remember to make the most of every day I’m here.


Mary Ann

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