Enlisting the List!

I am a devoted member of an ever growing non-profit organization called List Makers R Us! Yessirrreee! Not a day goes by that we list makers fail to find the opportunity for a great list!  Our motto, as you might have guessed, is “enlist the list!”  It saves our sanity and Lord knows, we are living on the edge.

Life is crazy and young and old alike are losing it; mentally most particularly. Now, the Christmas Season is a bit demanding and the necessity of the list is great! The beauty of the list is not only does is save us from forgetting things, but as I tackle it, I draw a line through whats been accomplished. This way, I can see my progress and feel good about myself.

Sometimes, I cheat on the list. For example, the list says bake pies. I can go to Costco and buy the pies instead of having to bake them myself and then check it off the list! There, that was easy and it feels so good! Look what’s been accomplished!  If the list says clean the entire house for company you can give yourself a wonderful Christmas present by hiring a cleaning crew a few days before the family is scheduled to show up and have the place looking like a palace! Check that off the list.

The list might say to get a tree, put it up, put on the lights and decorate it. Well, pulling the fake tree out of the closet saves us from having to clean up all those messy needles stuck in the carpet from the real trees and the lights are already on it!

Christmas shopping is always big on the list. Lines and lines filled up with who to buy for and what they want. Don’t get out of those P.J.’s and fuzzy warm slippers! Simply get a cup of coffee and and get on line. Shop all day without the exhaustion and have fun checking things off the list!

Don’t forget to always add to the list as things come up. The list is never really done because if it is, well, that would mean you have no life. Even if you are sick in bed with the flue, your list should say recover from the flue. That could take a few days or even a week but at the end you can cross it off the list. And while you were recovering in bed there were probably lots of things you thought of to add to the list. Keeping a pen and paper on the night stand is helpful.

Merry Christmas! and don’t forget to enlist the list!

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