It’s all about how we use it. Energy is energy. Weather it becomes positive or negative…well…that’s up to us. The surprising thing is how many people use it in a negative way. The question is, why waste good energy on the negatives?

Let’s use an example. Your are stuck in traffic and will be late because of it. Most often our reaction is to fume. Fuming takes energy. When arriving at your destination, you notice you are exhausted just from getting there. What if sitting there stuck in traffic, you decided there was a reason for it. Maybe there is an accident up ahead that you would have been a part of if not for the slow traffic. Or perhaps you would have been speeding and gotten a ticket if not for the inconvenience of the traffic. I don’t believe there are any coincidences in life. Everything happens for a reason.

If you decided to accept that philosophy and accepted the circumstances instead of fuming, you would arrive late, but relaxed and still full of energy. The energy would not be used up on negativism and would still be available for positives.

Now, take the example of wind. Wind is energy. Yet Mother Nature controls it and she uses it for both negatives and positives.  Negatives being hurricanes and tornadoes; positives being first and foremost electricity. The point is, just as nature controls the natural forces of the wind, we control the usage of our own energy. Therefore we should use it wisely.

Remember when we were kids and the energy literally burst out of us? Those were definitely the good old days. If only…Yet, we are still energetic being, no matter how low the energy flows, and we need to be thoughtful in where we expend our energy and where we don’t.

Food for thought: If you have only enough energy to either take a walk outside or clean the kitchen, take the walk. If there is only enough energy left to laugh or cry, laugh. When you want to scream, use the energy required to do so in two or three controlled and far more effective sentences. When the choice is entertain five people and do all the work yourself or entertain ten people with a little help from everyone, entertain the ten.

If we give some thought and consideration to how we use ourselves up, we’ll get more mileage with the same amount of fuel.


Mary Ann

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