Easing Into It

So, that season is upon us. The one people eagerly look forward to – or not. The season that demands we pay attention to household decor, inside and out, and do it with a flourish. The season that insists we willingly and cheerfully spend lots of money. The season of ho! ho! ho! and bah humbug all in the same breath. What a mess!

This year, I skipped the whole Halloween thing. Not that I didn’t want to celebrate a little chocolate fest with the grandkids; it’s just that I was getting through that awful cold and flu going around. I’ve managed to wiggle my way out of doing Thanksgiving by pawning it off on my daughter and son-in-law. So that leaves me with Christmas. Christmas; the biggest mess of the year. Lights, Christmas houses, wreaths, candles, fake snow, nativity scene, stockings hung by the chimney with care, cookies, pies, candy canes, tree, etc. The list goes on and on.

All my life I’ve started the whole Christmas process about two or three weeks before the actual holiday. In a manic rush to have everything just so, I blasted through, not enjoying it at all. Consequently, this year, I decided to make it easier on myself and began the decorating process early. As on the first day of November.

Out came the red and green storage boxes. One by one, I’ve opened and evaluated the sparkly memorable contents. Items that remind me of Christmas’s past, years of family and friends adding bits and pieces to the memory boxes. By allowing for this abundance of time, I’ve come to realize how blessed I am to have a home to decorate and a family to decorate for.

So far, it has been a relaxing joyful experience. I’ve successfully thrown out the pinched time table of proper decorating etiquette and allow for slow progress at my own snails pace! Should have done it years ago.

Who’s ready? Christmas is just around the corner! Ho! Ho! Ho!


Mary Ann

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