Counting Down in a Whisper

Mexico is seven days away. I’ve been avoiding the subject because in the big count down, I pledged to lose 12 pounds in 28 days. Well, it just seamed like a piece of cake when I started out, but something has happened. The first 6 pounds flew off like dust in a hurricane. I was thrilled and confident. Surely the next 6 would be just as easy.

Wouldn’t you think I’d know by now?  If it were so easy, I’d be light as a feather all the time. So, I’m fessing up here. I still have 6 pounds to go in one tiny short week.  I’m working hard at it especially in light of the rule I made. Remember I said I wouldn’t board the plane unless I met my goal?  I’ll tell you right now, I totally plan to break that rule. I will, though, be honest about it. I’ll exercise like a crazy person and eat like a humming bird. Who knows? Anything is possible.

So, I’m cheering on anyone doing this with me. We have seven day to reach our goal. I say, let’s get on the floor and start crunching!

P.S. I hate this!


Mary Ann

5 thoughts on “Counting Down in a Whisper

  1. you’re doing great Ma! 6 pounds in a month is amazing already!

    “change up the workout”, that’s what my trainer told me. Maybe that would work for you too Ma!

  2. I hear muscle weighs more than fat..I’m not saying your fat. I would have to think you’re toning up…and if I’m wrong, because I don’t know if muscle weighs more than hanging skin, it certainly seems like it should weigh more..right? You need to account for 3 not lost pounds of muscle weight, so there you go, you only need to lose 3 pounds to get on that plane.

  3. Good job Ma! Yes, muscle weighs 3 times as much as fat. So, while you are working your butt off to drop fat, you muscles are getting toned and become more dense. The result may be a neutral weight difference, in that you are loosing fat while your muscle is getting more dense and toned. So don’t fret, just stay at it, keep your goals, you’ll be super toned in no time. Love ya.

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