Count Down to Mexico!


The dreaded Muffin Top is back!!! It’s not just that the darn thing is here again and billowing over the top of my jeans, it’s the fact that I have only 28 days to lose it before going to Mexico! So, without revealing my weight, because that’s way too scary, I’ll  let you know that I have 12 pounds (yes, twelve!!!) to lose in a mere 28 days. Well, let’s do the math; it means I need to lose approximately 3/4 of a pound a day to make it.

Is it possible! OF COURSE IT IS!! All I have to do is start burning calories like there’s no tomorrow! And I shall! For the next 28 days, I will consume no sugar, no fat, no pasta carbs, nothing that tastes really good. I will eat fruits and vegetables raw, raw, raw! And, I will exercise like I’m training for a triathlon! I will work out like a crazy person, getting up early in the morning so I have time to do it all!

I pledge to report to you, anyone who cares, every day. I will be honest. Encouragement will be sooooo appreciated so if you want to comment please don’t hesitate. You could join me – just a thought. Anyone want to join me? I could use a partner in this. Well, time to go take my before picture. I won’t be posting it!

Good luck to me!

Mary Ann

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