It’s kind of hard to know where to begin! There is a downright plethora of issues a blogger could run with today. I mean, turn on the news for five or six minutes and there you go! All kinds of issues to disect and attack from every imaginable angle.

So, Iv’e decided to take on the whole lot. That’s right. I’ll begin with our ever evolving health insurance coverage. Or lack of coverage. Do you think banning guns in America is a solid answer to sky rocketing medical costs? And if so, do you think the issues in Iran can be related to the cost of housing in Seattle? I personally believe my religious freedoms are the cause of the aging of America.

We had to call the police the other day because of an incident out of our control, and the city sent animal control. The animal control person had a taser. We hid our dogs and the bad guy got away. It was a miscommunication, apparently. Someone got their wires crossed. Happens all the time. Not sure what to make of this, but ever since then my dog quit barking.Now she meows.

I was confused. I thought the athletes on their knees were praying and bowing before the flag out of respect and love for God and country. I’ll try and pay better attention in the future. Oh, by the way, I’m sorry I’m white. But I’m not sorry I’m female.

You know Hollywood just can’t help itself. All those beautiful people squished together in one place. Just a pile of beautiful faces and bodies the rest of us can’t take our eye off, all fighting for their turn in front of the camera. Who can blame that poor Mr. Weinstein? He’s been so busy, he hasn’t had a decent nights sleep in years!

Fires fires everywhere! California is burning up. Washington, Oregon, and Montana nearly did. And then we have our friend from North Korea nipping at the bit to start some new and even more devastating fires. I think we should play nice and compliment his hair cut. Deep down inside, he has a heart of plastic floating out in the Pacific destroying the environment. Maybe he’d like to go for a swim out there with a pair of scissors and free the wildlife caught in the six pack rings. We could join him.

I’d like to try one of those drugs for confusion but I don’t want to have diarrhea, vomiting, heart palpitations, paranoia, aching joints, trouble breathing, high blood pressure and death.


Mary Ann


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