This is the way my days go here in the Pacific Northwest.

I get up and drink a lot of coffee. Then, I start to get dressed beginning with a good study of the great outdoors. It is a little bit breezy out there by the looks of the trees and it’s been raining cuz the grounds all wet. The sun has gone behind the clouds so it’s looking kind of cold. Oh, now the sun is out and it’s looking like spring.

So, do I need my long johns today or not? Okay, I opt out on the long johns. Normal undies but definitely wool socks. Jeans and a tank top. A long sleeved cotton shirt over the tank top. A cotton sweater over the shirt. An REI all weather fleece hoodie and then a down vest. I’ll wear warm water-proof gloves and a knitted hat and throw a scarf around my neck.

Shoes or boots? Well, by the looks of things, boots would be best. I check to be sure there is a supply of kleenex in my backpack. Oh, yes- the backpack is a must. And sunglasses! Can’t forget the sunglasses. What if the sun comes out and I’m blinded and can’t get home?

Out the door and down to the beach I go for the morning walk, my dogs dragging me along. It’s nice. The sun feels great. Don’t need the scarf or hat or gloves so I stop and put everything in my backpack and now that it’s open, I fetch my sunglasses.  Now, that feels great. It hints at spring. I unzip my vest, consider taking it off but don’t want to stop and do the backpack thing again. But I have to. It’s way to warm in the vest. Off goes the pack and in goes the vest.

I walk, soaking up the sunshine of the morning, gazing at the sparkles on the water. Suddenly a monster black cloud covers the sun. I take off the shades cuz I can’t see in the dark. It’s cold. I get the pack in front of me and put the vest back on. The wind starts to blow. I guess I need the hat and gloves after all.  In a few minutes I’m on my way again when I notice my chin is getting numb. I have to get the pack around and dig out the scarf.

Good thing I decided on boots. The rain starts in a gentle shower then moves on to a regular shower and then becomes a torrential downpour. Me and the dogs walk on, wondering what’s next. Suddenly, it all stops. The sun comes out and a beautiful rainbow graces the sky from one end of the bay to the other. Wow! I grope for my sunglasses, remove my wet hat, gloves and scarf and shove them all in the backpack.

We have traveled about a block and a half by this time. Oh, no. The sun is disappearing again. I frantically ditch the sunglasses and grab the wet hat, the gloves and the scarf. All ready to go, I throw the pack back on and trudge down the beach. The rain begins again. I dig out the vest.  It’s coming at us sideways because the wind has picked up to near hurricane speed. My dogs abruptly turn around and pull on the leashes dragging me home.

We enter through the laundry room, towel off the dogs and remove my wet clothing. I’m freezing and my legs are bright red. I should have worn the long johns after all.

The dogs curl up together on a blanket on the couch. I get on my exercise bike and watch the show out the window.


Mary Ann

2 thoughts on “Confusion

  1. This is sooooooooo funny! It’s so true!

    I checked the weather today and it said “snow and rain”, so I put on my rubber boots. Now it’s sunny and I’m too hot in the office. haha!

  2. Oh so true. hahaha ya get all dressed up, go outside, get hot, strip down, it starts to rain, suit back up… sun, rain, up, down… such typical late winter NW weather.
    It made me laugh because it reminded me of that kid from A Christmas Story who goes outside with so much stuff on he can’t even move.
    I need a dog so that I have more reasons to go outside for a walk.

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