Chocolate and Sleep


Two things I just can’t get enough of; chocolate and sleep. I have recently become a closet connoisseur of fine dark chocolates, hiding them in my car or in my backpack.  On those busy days when two in the afternoon rolls around and I feel myself slipping, I sneak a nibble or three and am energized for a few more hours. Then it happens again, around four. What’s another little bite?

I’d prefer to have a little chocolate with a nap, like fries with a burger. A few small nibbles on the chocolate bar, slowly biting down on the solid chunk of heaven, making sure all the taste buds have a chance to revel before chewing and swallowing. Then, I’d curl up with my favorite quilt and softest pillow and close my eyes for an hour or so. Dogs next to me snoring softly, sunshine peaking through the windows. A little breeze rustling the leaves. Heavenly.

If we don’t have our dreams, what do we have? I think this is what I’ll request for my birthday next year; the whole package and maybe throw in a massage or a pedicure. Chocolate goes really well with those, too.

I’ve decided chocolate and naps assist in weight loss. Yes, they do! First and foremost, chocolate is a major antioxidant. Super healthy in small quantities. It gives a little boost to the immune system, it’s heart healthy, miraculously eliminates all menopausal symptoms, and it makes us feel so guilty we double up on exercise.

A good nap eliminates stress. Everyone knows stress causes weight gain and makes it difficult to get rid of belly fat. A nap takes us out of the stress of life and into dream land where everything is perfect (and chocolate). When we wake, we have a whole new outlook on whatever was bothering us in the first place, renewed energy and a sweet tooth that will be satisfied with a little nibble off the chocolate bar.

I think I need to go shopping now.


Mary Ann

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